About Us

Primarosa flowers, the floriculture division of Zuri Group Global is a leading provider of cut flowers.

Who we are

Established by Kamani Family, the organization started its operations in the year of 2002 and now it has extended to more than 100 hectares.

Diverging under metal nurseries & trading more than 100 million roses the organization spread its wings to Europe, Middle East, Australia, Russia, Japan etc. Going by our key values we treat each flower and our customers with efficient care. At Primarosa we believe that diligent work is the stepping stone for success. Our Entrepreneurial Vision is to establish Primarosa Flowers Limited as one of the biggest producer and exporters of cut blooms, over the globe. With its avant-garde facility at the best suited area for developing prevalent quality roses, Primarosa Limited is reputed for its exceptional client driven approach and topnotch quality standard. 

The ideal position of our farm along with the hi-tech foundation, crop management systems and high quality control systems guarantees consistent production of roses. The farmstead is situated in a suitable climate zone which is perfect for developing incredible quality roses. To thrive in the extreme climatic condition we have immense water reservoir of 380,000 m3 which helps our roses blossom even during extended drought.

With our loyalty to the agriculture business and our love for Mother Nature, we create a production process which is eco-friendly.

We cater prestigious services to our customers and eco-friendly practices in favor of nature but also nurture and create an employee friendly environment for our employees.


Primarosa thrives to offer the elite quality of roses across the globe with trusted and reliable manner with an aim to blossom and cherish the lives of our customers.


There is nothing better to cherish when someone delivers more than the expectations of a customer.

Other than to unleash happiness and colors of positive bonding, we focus on being the world class in floriculture and provide the customers value of their money.

We dedicatedly work on our vision of becoming the unique brand by achieving the parameters of elite quality and consistent delivery is of prime importance to us.

Our mission aims at achieving our professional goals with a personal touch like to set landmarks in each and every floriculture, legal, environmental and social standards and to adapt the upcoming state-of-the-art technologies in meeting the growing demands and expectations of our customers.

Core Values

Spreading the fragrances and happiness for more than 15 years, we have always made our path guided by our values and dedications towards our customers and our personnel and community. Our most deep-hearted values upon which we exist are listed below:

Being a good citizen, , as a corporate we completely believe in transparency of the business practices and maintaining of a fair trade.

Treating every customer as our first customer, while meeting more than their expectations and providing consistently good quality to everyone.

Being Eco-Friendly, being sensitive towards the importance of flowers, plants, agriculture and environment, our main focus lands on to set the Highest International Standards in the eco-friendly practices in the region.

Wellbeing of our Personnel, not only we provide our community with the most advanced training of techniques and skills, we also provide them with remuneration with various perks along with their pay, medical, laboratory services, and HIV/AIDS awareness training sessions.

Maintaining a Healthy environment, along with conserving our nature and environment, we ensure to provide a clean and healthy environment to all our personnel.

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