Beyond Business

Primarosa flowers, the floriculture division of Zuri Group Global is a leading provider of cut flowers.

Beyond Business

We trust, it’s not just our center obligation to offer back to the nature and society, but it is our duty to execute safety measures for both mother earth and the beings that live in it. From our clients to our employees to the society and the world, Primarosa strives to provide happiness everywhere. 

Employee Welfare

We trust, it’s not just our center obligation to offer back to nature and society, however to maintain we additionally need to actualize wellbeing measures for both mother earth and give significant perks and advantages to every one of our employees. Primarosa Flowers Limited runs various projects to guarantee that we are known for our best attempt in creating a striking culture and environment for the peers to work and lead a healthy life ahead. Our Human Resource Management group considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as their center deliverables; henceforth they have executed balanced CSR activities in our business, which incorporates social, economic and also environmental welfare so that every executive working with us never has to face any unfriendly situations.

Our People Are Our Biggest Asset: Primarosa is outstanding for its best practices to give a decent workplace, which cares for its employees and provide them with a work-friendly environment.

Lunch For All Team Members: We think, providing food at work is our urgent obligation towards our representatives, as well as it makes them calm to a huge degree with keeping them healthy. Subsequently, we give lunch to every one of the 1500 employees in our farms.

Medical Services: We give free medical and medical laboratory administrations. Additionally we provide normal training on wellbeing, safety and HIV/AIDS awareness studies.

Transportation: We give transportation to all our colleagues to guarantee security and bother free working hours.

Employee Economic Welfare: We also try to provide as much possible economic welfare to our employees. We have simple advance procedure to guarantee that our representatives can enhance their home, pay school expenses, begin or improve their little scale ventures and have a bother free living.

Safe Guarding The Environment

Reforestation: We have a tree nursery through which we distribute indigenous plants to increase reforestation in the neighborhood and, surrounding areas. Member Of District Environmental Committee: We are an active member of the District Environmental Committee and participate and conduct various environmental safety programs to spread awareness.

Water Recycling:We understand water is a precious resource and it’s our utmost responsibility to conserve the resources for sustainability. Hence, we harvest and recycle our water for irrigation.

Recycling Of Waste: : We segregate and recycle 100% waste to make natural vermi-compost and reduce pollution of the environment. (please take away the rest of the sentence)

Environment Friendly Pest Management: We use Environmental-Friendly Integrated Pest Management Processes (IPM) to restrict the usage and contamination of harmful chemicals.

Paying Back To The Community

After witnessing successive growth, over the past decade, we have learned that business sustainability depends not only on profitability, but on how healthy our people are.

Thus, we spend a significant amount of our profits for community welfare, which includes:-

Participating in community policing to improve the security conditions
We provide complimentary Lunch to 1500 people on a daily basis.
Implementing all required safety measures for a healthy work environment
Regular training on health and safety measures.
We provide free Medical and Laboratory services. We offer training in Health & Safety, and HIV / AIDS awareness. Both farms provide free transportation to all our workers.
Relocation and construction of Church


Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade, which is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. When we sell on Fairtrade terms, it provides us with a better deal and improved terms of trade.

This also allows us the opportunity to improve the lifestyles of our associates & their families and the surrounding communities. Fairtrade has offered our customers a powerful way of reducing poverty through their everyday shopping.

As a Fairtrade certified producer, our products carry the Fairtrade Mark .This means that our farms have met with the desired Fairtrade Standards. The Fairtrade Standards are designed to address the imbalance of power in trading relationships, unstable markets and the injustices of conventional trade.

Being a Fairtrade certified producer, our processes are transparent and entail implementation of the best practice in our production processes to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and a mutually beneficial association.

For our Fairtrade Sales, we receive the relevant commercial price for the product. Additionally, we receive a Fairtrade Premium, which is 10% of the market cost price per stem, for the workers to invest in social projects of their choice.

The Fairtrade Premium funds are managed by a Fairtrade Premium Committee (FPC) made up of elected workers and representatives of management, in an advisory support role, for democratically proposing, carrying out, and overseeing premium projects selected by the workers following a consultation process.The projects implemented so far using the Fairtrade premium include :-

Social And Health Care Projects : Primarosa Fairtrade Premium Committee has conducted free breast cancer; cervical cancer; prostate cancer screening and further provided all employees with Free Typhoid Vaccinations. A repeat of this projects was again carried out in 2016 with an inclusion of eye checkup to all employees for free .The cases identified during the cancer screening exercise are referred to Machakos General Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital . Primarosa Fairtrade Premium Committee provides financial assistance to any employee who might need further medical assistance arising from this project.

Sports Activity Projects : Our Fairtrade Premium Committees have supported various sports groups within our farms through donation of sports equipments to volleyball, football, darts and netball teams. This is aimed at promoting social activities amongst workers and the surrounding neighborhood.

Community Projects : Our Fairtrade Premium committee believes in sharing its success by giving back to the community.

Primarosa Flowers Premium Committees have implemented a number of community project e.g. construction and rehabilitation of Kanguo Road in Nyahururu, construction of community churches. etc.

Recently Primarosa Flowers Premium Committees have funded construction of modern classrooms at Kanaani Secondary School Athiriver.

On community projects Primarosa Flowers premium committees have implemented the following projects among many others. Donated sanitary towels to 8 of the surrounding primary schools assisting over 800 students.

Donated school accessories to the surround schools. Donated 150 desks to Kanaani Primary School, and 22 chairs for teachers to Kanaani secondary School and Kanaani Primary School . Donated 150 desks to KMC Primary school in Athi River. Collaborated with Primarosa Flowers Management in the construction and rehabilitation Ol-Joro-Orok to Kanguu road. Donated building materials to PCEA Kanguu church and AIC Ol-Joro-Orok .

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