Primarosa flowers, the floriculture division of Zuri Group Global is a leading provider of cut flowers.


Each flower is special & connotes the extraordinary feelings of the giver.

Keeping this in mind, PrimaRosa goes the extra mile to take the utmost care of the roses. We preserve the dainty roses from any tampering from the external stimulus & ensure that they remain as fresh and pristine as dew.

Some of the techniques deployed by our team so as to ensure that the beauty & freshness of the fragile roses is not compromised on include the use of Single Faced Kraft (SFK) as the layer to protect them.

Different protective materials including boxes, separators, paper and/or sponge, as well as various kinds of sleeves are also used to safeguard the roses against damage.


Single Faced Kraft (SFK) is the ideal choice when it comes to safeguarding the frail roses against debasement. This thick layer acts as a bulwark against any kind of external shocks. It is available in various forms – demure brown or trendy colored.


In order to protect the roses from being squashed against each other & to retain their charm, we have a robust protective shield around them. We offer different kinds of protective materials –separators, paper and/or sponge – for the same.


The roses are also protected from hostile extrinsic elements like the scorching heat from the UV rays of the sun, dust, wind & water through the use of sleeves. These long cellophane wrappers act as an extension to the other measures to safeguard the roses. These sleeves may be understated & plain or more fashionable, Zuri (printed). You can also opt for packaging without sleeves.


In order to defend the roses against deleterious external conditions, we also have the provision of transporting them in boxes. These cartons come in standard sizes. We also have Yakira Boxes & Zim Boxes.

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