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Primarosa flowers, the floriculture division of Zuri Group Global is a leading provider of cut flowers.


We at Primarosa believe in giving safe and quality products; thus, we only implement the best agriculture and lawful practices. With successful frameworks in our farms and dedications of our staff, we expect to accomplish monetary, social and environmental maintainability.

Our quality management systems based on Kenyan legislation and other relevant legislation and Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points are persistently developing staff through preparing and role definition to empower them to take full dynamic part in the Production, Grading and Packing.

IPM – Primarosa Flowers Integrated Pest Management : While we are actualizing all accessible pest control systems to diminish pest, we additionally guarantee plant protection items and different intercessions that are monetarily supported. Accepting our duty towards the Mother Nature, customers and our employees, we additionally guarantee limited dangers to human wellbeing and the earth by utilizing Integrated Pest management component to develop healthy flowers.

Biological Lab : We have actualized organic farming through our organic lab which gives soil microorganism, the natural resources, a contrasting option to chemical pesticides; henceforth helping in shielding the environment and land from dangerous contaminations and pollutions.

Vermicomposting : We utilize nutrient rich water soluble fertilizer as soil conditioner, which is treated with natural waste utilizing worms to make a heterogeneous blend of deteriorating natural waste, and is called Wormiwash. This has diminished contaminants and a higher immersion of supplements of natural materials before vermicomposting and creates a chemical free, organic way to enrich the land for a natural growth of flowers.

Well Established Crop In Metal Green Houses : To manage climatic conditions, which are expected to create shading and scent, we have our ranches totally operational under Metal Greenhouses. Our Greenhouses, running from 0.5 hectares to 1 hectare are all shielded from any non-friendly weather condition.

Irrigation : Various water streams in our green houses are ideally controlled through Priva water system framework, a computerized watering guaranteeing economical water utilization.

Aqua Check Solil Moisture Management : To monitor and oversee water system in greenhouses, we have Aqua Check soil moisture management, which is a software that produces graphs with indication of root activity. It helps in enhancing water system planning and water utilization. This diminishes filtering of supplements and enhances the water system by permitting oxygen into the soil profile; hence empowering the root action at profundity, making the result more blossoming.

Rain Water Harvesting : Rain water is gathered into reservoirs from everywhere throughout the roofs of the nurseries and different structures in our farms, which then is utilized for water system and fertigation. This aides in sparing our water resource and lessening any wastage of water.


Quality Monitoring: We guarantee consistent support of Vase life testing territory to keep the quality standards steady. We enable our people through a strong Traceability systems to track any complain to the operator or to the greenhouse. Regular gatherings are held with the office heads to guarantee prompt restorative activities on any quality crumbling in any way and keeping the standards of our quality regulated and correct.

Temperature Control and Storage: Cold storage guarantees revise temperatures and capacity conditions are used as specified by the client. Maximum/minimum thermometer and relative humidity sensor to track temperatures and RH and are recorded every day. Flowers are put in the intake cold-room between 4 to 8 hours for pre-cooling at least temperature of 4 – 6 degree centigrade. Our perfect and clean Cold storage is treated with suitable disinfectant to lessen potential disease and any contamination. Potable and chilly (or temperatures determined by the client) water is utilized for putting away cut flowers. Water examination is done on regular basis to guarantee that the water is utilized and our post harvest exercise is free from any foreign contamination.

Traceability: To empower full traceability all through the store network, products are unmistakably recognized recording the harvest date, variety, grower code, product detail and growing location.


Huge Cold Storage Capacity: We at Primarosa never keep behind any effort in maintaining the harvest we have reaped with our hard works and pure dedications. Our cold storage can accommodate more than 1 million stems a day in pinnacle harvest condition. Furthermore, we additionally have export cold rooms to protect maximum lifetime of each rose. To keep up cold chain we have insulated Trucks also.


Primarosa acknowledges that no two customers are same and considers that every customer should be treated with equal respect and dedication. Keeping the agenda of customer satisfaction in mind, we deliver products according to clients’ necessities regarding customized bunching styles. Other aspects such as various combinations of mixed varieties; bouquets with Sleeves and flower food and any other specific requirements, we do everything with exquisite precision and a quick processing time.


Product Performance: Our farms have professional vase life testing facilities which are aligned to mimic the entire supply chain; this includes all the care and handling practices applied to fresh cut flowers along the chain from start to finish. This controlled vase life test is essential to make a determination of how a change to our care and handling process, such as a new flower food, affects flower vase life and ultimate quality of our fresh cut flowers. These facilities have enabled us to archive customer satisfaction of fresh cut flowers in vase life quality.

Product Performance: Primarosa and Zuri farms, both have proficient vase life testing offices which are adjusted to copy the whole production network; this incorporates all the care and dealing with practices connected to crisp cut flowers along the chain from start to finish. Every step and measure taken in the complete process of sowing to harvesting is always kept in mind to nurture the life span of the flower’s vase life. This controlled vase life test is essential to make an assurance of how a change to our care and dealing with process, for example, new flower food, influences flower vase life and extreme nature of our new cut flowers. These facilities have empowered us to achieve consumer loyalty of fresh cut flower in vase life quality.


Transportation: Primarosa Flowers ensures on time delivery of the product from farm to the customers. To maintain the cool chain our trucks are insulated and introduced with cooling framework and facilities to maintain a hassle free service to the customers.

Delivery Records: Adhering to customer requirements for packing / labeling, we develop a packing list of made up orders from the farms to ensure agreed specifications from the client are met and we make sure that only finished orders are dispatched from our farms. A delivery note alongside each to-be delivered package including a full description of the product and transport utilized alongside details of the delivery time is mentioned. Along with that the invoice of the product is also attached with the product.

Delivery Conditions: While delivering a product to the customer, specific details of the temperature to be maintained during the way to delivery is mentioned to keep the flowers as fresh as possible for the customer.

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